All Tamara's Parties is a monthly music night hosted by Tamara in exciting and unique venues in Oxford.  There are two main purposes to this night:

1) To showcase more female and non-binary talent, and create an equal and diverse night.

2) To take all the money that is made on the night and split it equally between all the acts that perform.

All Tamara's Parties takes place monthly and includes a mix of music and poetry.  If you are interested in performing please get in touch here and join the FaceBook group here.

Testimonials from the Artists:

"Tamara is an expert alchemist; getting the right mix of acts isn't simple, yet she always nails it. In a different way every time. Her nights remind me that I actually like human beings. I'll keep performing at her parties for as long as she keeps asking..." - Caroline Bird

"All Tamara's Parties is one of the finest nights I've ever had the good fortune to be a part of. The quality of the music is extraordinary and sets the bar high. A large, enthusiastic audience, intelligent, literary and appreciative - I'd recommend the gig to any writer. In short, it's an event which bridges the gaps between the written word, the sung lyric, performance poetry and music: an important, generous and outward looking night, exceptionally well programmed." -Luke Kennard

"I've been to numerous All Tamara's Parties events, performed at several and even met my partner at one of the early shows. I love ATP! Not only is the concept of having a line-up with plenty of female artists both admirable and much needed, the music and spoken word is always interesting and inspiring, and the quality high. Megan Henwood, Candy Says and Balkan Wanderers are a few performances that have stuck in my mind, and the poetry of ATP compere, the inimitable George Chopping, never fails to have me in stitches. Fabulous. "-Bethany Weimers

" We have had the great pleasure of playing ATP shows on a number of occasions now and they are everything that make live music special... well organised, well thought out in terms of line ups and well publicised. These essentials along with many little details such as programmes, a prize draw and a very special host reveal a passion for music and promoting music that sets ATP apart from many other music nights. May these nights go from strength to strength!"- The Epstein

" You can always tell when there's heart in a live music night. I felt well looked after and would definitely play one of Tamara's shows again. This was by far the warmest, most comfy shed I've ever performed in! " - Roxanne de Bastion

"Tamara puts more effort in to an event than any other promoter i know; hand producing booklets for each gig, finding a venue thats never been thought of as a venue before and above all respecting the artist. she always makes sure the artist is paid before anyone else which is a rare thing!"- Salvation Bill

"ATP gigs seem to attract the most appreciative audiences - people who 'get' the whole ethos. I probably deserved heckling when I played one with no voice at all, but, of course, none was forthcoming. Long may these intimate gatherings continue." -Ags Connolly

"All Tamara's Parties is always great to play! The line-ups are inspired, the venues quirky and intimate and the support for emerging acts is brilliant. Alongside the music there's handmade programmes, gifts for the audience, raffles and George Chopping's wonderfully eccentric comparing. All this gels the whole night together as one big party to celebrate Oxfords music scene. ATP rules!" -The August List

"Our band, the Balkan Wanderers played an ATP gig in November 2014 at the Mill on Cowley Road. The venue was great, with fairy lights and comfy chairs. It was small enough to feel cozy, but we still had room to move the chairs to the sides so that people could dance at the end of the night. We found the whole event to be very professionally run by Tamara, and with great technical support from Tommy. The other acts were well chosen and interesting, the compere George Chopping was highly entertaining, and the audience was captivated. There were also free sweets, a mini programme and a small bar, what a great night!" - The Balkan Wanderers