CD Art

I like to colloborate with artists to see how music can be translated onto the page. Here is a little information about them:

Toni Le Busque: ( Cover art for 'Lover' EP, 'Mother' EP and badges)

"When Toni LeBusque first 'got it together' in 2006 she turned her back on her povo past. However, you can take the inferior social status out of the girl, but not out of her art. The essential truth of Toni's doodles is the failure of fifteen years of established psychotherapy techniques. Her art is testament to this and is therefore a celebration of uniqueness, a carnival of carnality, a festival of low-brow, a social function of anti-socialism. Isolated anatomical components and rude words, snatches of gossip, prints of the dead, suicide, cancer and a spoonful of self indulgence form the basis of her work. One can only wonder at the dust that must be resident in her head  (more mess in there than behind the cushions of a crack den's sofa)  and this is consistently thrust into the face of the viewer. 

She is essentially labelling her public as NHS therapists.Ironically it is the truth of her art that we find so compelling. Here surely is the illustration of the human condition as it exists in the heart of England in 2011. Not bad for a Sheila from Dunt.  She is different and yet she is somehow everyman. And as such her art represents the apotheosis of the outsider. "

Elisa Muliere: ( Cover art for Tamara and the Martyrs EP, 'Hang My Picture')

Elisa Muliere was born in Tortona in 1981. She graduated in visual arts from the Accademia di Belle Arti Clementina Di Bologna in 2008. She is a painter and illustrator, living and working in Bologna. Visit Elisa's blog for more of her work and contact details.