December 2018: Track No.5 in The Top 25 Tracks of the year: "Death of Maiden’s debut single `Soldier’ opened the door on the band’s dark, emotional intensity, but `Horses’ galloped through in its wake and best revealed Death of the Maiden’s imperious presence." Read more p5

October 2018: Single Review by Eternal Muse of Music: "Death Of the Maiden's latest track, Horses, delivers a most haunting, gripping, delightfully melodic and powerful song...Dark and rich in tone, with clear acoustic elements, deep, full percussive sounds, and soft eerie female vocals ringing out like an ancient poet." Read more

September 2018: Single Review by Nightshift Magazine: "In March, the release of Death of the Maiden’s debut single ‘Soldier’ was greeted by Nightshift as the birth of something very special and an eventful summer further forward, ‘Horses’ provides another significant step on a path to potential greatness." Read more p5

September 2018: Single Review by The Revue: "These four Oxford residents make a huge statement with their newest song, “Horses”. It’s clear from the opening to the very last notes that the quartet intend to enrapture and captivate. The dark, bleak, folk-rock approach is paralyzing with the shallow rhythms and the slight stammering of the acoustic guitar. Parsons-Baker, meanwhile, is like an enchantress with her whispery, hollow voice." Read more

September 2018: Live Review: All Tamara's Parties: "Tonight is the second of Tamara Parsons-Baker’s Zero Tolerance nights, created in response to the bad experiences she has had as a female musician and gig-goer, and if The Jericho is impressively busy tonight, it’s proof that ATP’s inclusive, diverse bill and “no-asshat” door policy are welcome indeed." Read more p.7

July 2018: Common People review: "There’s militancy, defiance and occasional spite elsewhere in the set, but what you mostly take away from DOTM are starkly brilliant tunes." Read more p10

June 2018: Live review: Death of the Maiden supporting Witch Fever "Death of the Maiden are one of the most striking and essential bands in Oxford right now" Read more P9

May 2018: Nightshift live review of Death of the Maiden "Death of the Maiden are making quite a name for themselves lately and when they open up with recent single 'Soldier' it's easy to see why" Read more p14

February 2018: Nightshift Review of Debut Single 'Soldier' "Tamara Parsons-Baker is indisputably one of the best singers Oxford has ever produced and here she uses her voice to stunning effect, bringing an almost Brechtlike sense of drama to the song, possessed of a clean, soulful clarity with an edge of sorrow that might draw comparisons to Anna Calvi .." Read more p5

March 2017: Nightshift Review of Death of the Maiden  "When Tamara sings you sometimes feel you’re entering a very personal emotional hell, such is the raw honesty of her lyrics, while her voice can dance like Cait O’Riordan or strike out like Patti Smith" Read more p11

July 2016: Review of Death of the Maiden "The afternoon session was opened by Tamara's own band, Death Of A Maiden, who are an all-female swagger folk rock outfit with clever arrangements and knockout vocals. I'd love to see them for a longer, later set." Read more

July 2016: Review of All Tamara's Parties Festival "All in all this was a perfect Oxford day festival. The acts were fantastic. There were a real wealth of different acts in a balance of styles, but with enough breaks and variation that they never felt overwhelming. The whole event had a friendly, laid-back feel and had clearly been put together with love. A cracking day out." Read more

December 2013: Interview and Cover of Nightshift Magazine  "Disarming and unpredictable to the last.  Tamara is a singular talent and one you should want to meet.  Don't be afraid - take a trip to the dark side." Read more (p.3)

December 2013: Get Him Out Voted Track Number 7 of the Year: Nighshift Magazine "Three and a half minutes of turbulent emotional unravelling and brooding hurt from fantastically witchy siren Tamara Parsons-Baker and band." Read more (p.4)

November 2013: SHIT JOAN SHIT Single Review  "...there was a distinct tendency toward the avant-garde fringes of rock, which is a particular interest of mine; ‘Warm Kiss’, with which this EP closes, is a beautiful, powerful song, arranged and performed with a great deal of drama (not melodrama), and it showcases a songwriter of considerable facility and creative integrity." Read more (review No.4)

August 2013: Get Him Out Single Review: Nightshift Magazine: "`Get Him Out’ is three and a half minutes of turbulent emotional unravelling, brooding hurt rising to almost operatic heights of gothic despair..." Read more

July 2013: Get Him Out Single Review " Where I probably, if I’m honest, thought of Parsons-Baker as another young acoustic singer-songwriter, albeit with a bit more creative bite than most, this release makes it clear I need to really pay attention." Read more

October 2012: Lover EP Review" The opening songs on the EP require close attention to the lyrics to reveal their disturbing character, but when we get to ‘I Stuck It Out’Parsons-Baker’s full weirdness emerges, in a frighteningly witchy evocation of a relationship haunted by madness and murder. Thereafter it’s impossible to ignore the taste for the bizarre that animates these songs; however, the approach is never exploitative or fetishistic, but elaborates fully developed scenarios, populated by convincingly particular characters." Read more

June 2012: The Oxford Mail: Interview " INTENSE, dark and quirky, Tamara Parsons-Baker is far from the usual image of the demure girl singer-songwriter. Classically beautiful and possessed of a startlingly gorgeous voice, the 24-year-old guitarist may initially look and sound the part. But forget whimsical observations, twee lyrics and dreamy melodies; our Tamara is made of harder stuff." Read more

May 2012: Nightshift Magazine: Lover EP Review " Tamara has a rare knack of plumbing the utter depths of romantic sorrow without coming on like some bunny boiling harridan or self-pitying mimsy. Instead she’s just acutely –sometimes painfully – honest, and armed with a voice that would make angels and demons weep, she’s created a record that draws something utterly beautiful out of unrefined misery." Read more

March 2012: Oxford Music Scene Magazine: Lover EP Review (pg.27)" This latest release from Tamara (her second in less than 6 months if you include the Martyrs 'Hang My Picture EP' ) is another showcase of one of Oxford's finest musical talents, with her distinctive big voice always a highlight." Read more

February 2012: Music In Oxford: Lover EP Review" EP highlight ‘I Stuck It Out’ is a chamber-pop murder ballad, with a slightly Medieval chord progression and excellent cello and harpsichord accompaniments. The chilling conviction in the low notes of the lyric “So I took your children instead” recalls Nico’s deadpan vocal delivery, while the overall tone of the song beautifully balances the sombre subject matter with the flights of fancy and madness at it’s core. It’s easily one of the best songs written by an Oxford artist in the past year." Read more

October 2011: Oxford Music Scene Magazine: Tamara and the Martyrs EP Review (pg26)"This is Tamara and The Martyrs’ début EP, a fifteen-minute showcase of one of the city’s most promising new bands. The opening track, ‘Payday Slag’, is lyrically brilliant, powerful and dynamic. I’ve previously said that I think this is the best song by a local band since ‘Creep’..." Read more

August 2011: Nightshift Magazine: Tamara and the Martyrs EP Review " Her voice, which forever sounds like it’s about to crack under the weight of all the world’s troubles, is, at times, such an astonishing instrument in its own right you barely notice everything else that’s going on in the songs." Read more

June 2011: Nighshift Magazine:Tamara and the Martyrs support The Secret Sisters at the O2 Academy "Tamara's voice seemingly possessed of a will of its own as it cracks and soars and sometimes emerges as a tigerish her most dramatic her songs carry a similar starkness and sense of turmoil to Jacques Brel..." Read more

June 2011: Oxford Music Scene (pg.24) "Tamara & The Martyrs are a local band with much cohesion between the three of them. Better still, they’re difficult to describe in relation to other acts. There are very light shades of PJ Harvey, of early Blondie and even of more recent popular acts like Dido in there. Tamara’s voice is almost without parallel on the local scene and the song ‘Payday Slag’ is the best I’ve heard from any local band since ‘Creep.’ " - Oxford Music Scene Magazine, June 2011 (pg.24)

June 2011: Live Unsigned: Tamara and the Martyrs EP Review "Blues and Americana, written and played with idiosyncratic creativity, humour, satire, melancholy and a great deal of appeal. This is musical poetry of a sort that I find hard to fault: it doesn’t fracture any stylistic boundaries, but it remains resolutely true to its makers’ artistic vision(s), and it’s continually, rigorously creative. ***** Read more

June 2011: Gappy Tooth Industries:"Tamara Parsons-Baker has received much acclaim over the past couple of years in Oxford for her keen voice and unnervingly visceral lyrics. Having joined – and frankly, stolen the limelight in – Huck & The Handsome Fee, she’s rounded up a new backing band, The Martyrs, that will allow her to bring what The Oxford Mail called her Siouxsie Sioux elements to the fore, adding some backing to her rich, dark bluesy voice and poetic lyrics.  A perfectly vicious, dark-hearted act for the ever-perverse GTI’s first gig of summer! "