Tamara Parsons-Baker began her career in Tokyo, Japan. Having taught  herself the basics of guitar and written a batch of tentative  but already unconventional songs, she returned to her hometown of Oxford  and took on its expansive and competitive open mic scene. Wherever she  performed, the verdict was the same: she had a VOICE, and one that  wasn't easy to forget. Over the next few years she produced new material   that took its formulaic cues from jazz and the blues, and populated her  songs with characters and observations that display wit and wisdom beyond her years. Sometimes she is part Amanda Palmer, part Anita O'Day;  other times she is part Tom Waits, part Jeff Buckley. And you are  invited to try and keep up. 

Tamara's right-hand men are Humphrey Astley and Tommy Longfellow, who  made names for themselves as the formidable rhythm section of  Sextodecimo. This notorious doom quintet  pushed the boundaries of its  genre and scene for almost a decade and was recently awarded the title  of Oxford's greatest ever metal band by Nightshift magazine. Tom Sharp, lead guitarist of Smilex, joined The Martyrs in October 2011 and the band was complete.

Astley, Longfellow and Sharp's now intuitive musical rapport, combined with the chemistry they and Parsons-Baker established during their time as  three-quarters of the explosive (and inevitably implosive) Huck and the Handsome Fee, makes for a tight and focused core around which  collaborators and guest members can confidently orbit. 

In the words of the Real Bad Lover...'Don't you want some?'

Tamara and the Martyrs  recording their debut album 'Girl Jokes about Boy Parts' which was released in late 2013.  Read some reviews of the band.